Grounded by the solid belief that every person has the ability to recover, CenterPointe makes pivotal treatment available for people suffering from mental and substance use disorders. We also provide a wide variety of treatment, rehabilitation and housing services for homeless and low-income people living with these disorders.

Center Pointe has been chosen as a ''Top Pick Treatment Center'' by a network of mental health practitioners representing thousands of credentialed therapists and psychologists. Theravive's mission is to facilitate a rapid connection between an individual in need of help, and qualified therapists who can provide counseling.


  • You can participate in a giving day to make a difference for people in recovery.

  • In late March, Netflix released a new series about a high school girl who dies by suicide. 13 Reasons Why, originally a young adult novel by Jay Asher, has quickly become one of Netflix’s most popular series. These talking points have been developed by Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE) and the Jed Foundation to help parents, teachers, and other gatekeepers talk with youth about suicide-related content in the series.

  • Read how CenterPointe helped someone find the courage they needed to live in recovery with their chronic mental health challenges.