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CEO: Topher Hansen, JD

CEO: Topher Hansen, JD

Topher started his career in the behavioral health field as a volunteer for the Drug Crisis Center in 1975.

After a brief time as a counselor with CenterPointe, Topher attended law school and practiced law from 1985-1993. During his time in private practice, he also served as a CenterPointe Board member and as legal counsel for the organization.

In 1993, he returned to the CenterPointe staff as Director of Development/Legal Counsel. He became Executive Director in 2000.

Topher has served on numerous local and state committees to help develop Nebraska’s policies and delivery of behavioral health services.

Topher describes his role at CenterPointe as the orchestra leader: “The Board of Directors hires me to carry out the mission of the organization in a manner consistent with the values and policies adopted by the Board. So, my job is to make sure it all happens, from dishes to data bases, legislation to facilities, and, of course, the best service to our consumers and full accountability to our community."

"I manage by hiring people that are smarter than I am and work with them to orchestrate the finest services for our consumers. Like any orchestra, the quality is only as good as each person playing and each note played. I govern myself according to the following philosophy:

“The secret is to stir the spirit. To touch the soul. Your intent should be to guide the efforts of others by giving them a reason for aligning. Inspire them to unite in pursuit of a compelling purpose. Instead of being a “boss” who’s focused on driving the group and getting them to obey, lead people by the heart and count on them to govern themselves. Manage the spirit, not the flesh.” From Carpe Manana, by Price Pritchett."