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Clarissa's Story

Clarissa came to CenterPointe facing significant legal issues related to her alcohol addiction and was depressed to the point of suicidal threats.

She had been living in her car but occasionally staying at the local shelter. She had long ago damaged relationships with family to the point that she had no support or even contact with them.

Clarissa participated in Adult Residential Treatment for 8 months where she began to understand her dual-diagnosis of alcoholism and mental illness. CenterPointe’s integrated addiction and mental health treatment helped Clarissa to begin healing and accept her bipolar disorder for the first time.

As an active member of her own treatment team, Clarissa identified many areas where she could work to improve her life. During treatment she was able to make contact with her children, something she thought she would never be able to do.

Following discharge from the residential program, Clarissa found part-time work; transitioned into one of CenterPointe’s housing programs; and continued with outpatient counseling, case management and psychiatric services. She was stable, hopeful and motivated.

More than 1 year later Clarissa has recovered her life—she is managing life stressors better than before treatment, working nearly full time, and maintaining the requirements of her probation.

*Clarissa is not this person's real name, nor is this their picture…but this is his/her real story!