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Dave's Story

Every day your support is changing and saving lives. Dave recently shared his story with our board and he gave us permission to share it with you...

Dave tried treatment multiple times – including twice with CenterPointe – but couldn’t stay on his medications or stay sober. Nothing stuck and he kept ending up in trouble with the law, losing his apartment, and ending up homeless.

Last year he was living in an abandoned semi-trailer when you helped offer him housing through a program targeting people experiencing chronic homelessness.

You helped him settle into an apartment where he worked with a case manager. Dave agreed to attend CenterPointe’s Day Rehabilitation program.

Dave started making progress. His mood was more stable but he was still struggling with substances. Despite these struggles he attended Day Rehab. He shared with us that one day he went home and found his apartment full of people who were using. Something clicked – he realized this was not how he wanted to live his life – he kicked them all out.

You helped offer Dave a spot in Residential Treatment. Your support was essential to Dave completing treatment and successfully maintaining his recovery after treatment.

Now, you are helping Dave stay connected with CenterPointe services to learn more about living in recovery. He shares, “When I didn’t believe in myself, you believed in me. I never would have had this without you. You never gave up on me. Thank you for that.”

These thanks are yours. Thank you for believing in Dave. Because you care enough to support us, we can provide a full continuum of services that people like Dave need to find lasting recovery.