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Samuel's Story

My Journey through the Storm Times

I've been affiliated with CenterPointe since 1987 as an inpatient and outpatient client and now as a board member.

In the earlier years of treatment with the Glide program, it was like being on an emotional roller-coaster.

I was very frustrated, in deep self-denial of my addiction, and experienced constant depression.

I established a pattern of frequent relapses and I would sabotage myself when things were going well for me.

I always wanted to be successful, but I also wanted to hold on to drinking alcohol. I decided to take the next step and go through residential treatment.

I was given many tools for self-betterment, but chose not to utilize them and I broke away after I finished treatment.

In December 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer and I decided I had to get sober before anything could be good in my life.

I didn't want to die living like this and I asked God for help.

I discovered the lessons CenterPointe gave me were still embedded in my head. It was like a light went on and I started using those tools to get sober.

I came back to CenterPointe as an outpatient.

I was learning coping skills and addressing my mental health issues but I managed to make working with my therapist or case manager very difficult.

I harbored anger and self-hatred. I lived a life of drama. CenterPointe kept accepting me and supporting me and I kept working toward lasting recovery.

Now, I have seven years of sobriety. I still work every day on my recovery.

I try to remember where I came from. I talk with other people and with youth about the storm times.

And, I give back to my community for all the support the community gave me.
-Samuel Brown