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"I was on a dead end road. Staying on the streets and living only to drink. I am thankful I was able to have a hand up, not a hand out." - CenterPointe participant

August 2019 Team Players of the Month

Chudney Knave is an amazing part of the STR team. She goes above and beyond every day to help our staff and individuals in service. She is a leader who does not ask for recognition. She does her job so well, that we don’t realize how much she does until she goes on a much-needed vacation, and we wonder why things are being missed. She consistently is a mentor for the staff members and helps to connect us all together. I am so appreciative of her consistent efforts to help our team run smooth!
Congratulations, Chudney Knave, on being named August Team Player of the Month!!

Seth Shelton always seems to be calm, no matter what the circumstances are in his environment. He takes a genuine interest in the people we work with and is someone that staff can approach for any questions that may arise. He is incredibly dependable and spends a lot of time covering the duties of other staff as needed. Recently, he has even been assisting in providing coverage for the Crisis Line, which has been a huge support to our staff and clients. Congratulations to Seth Shelton on being named August Team Player of the Month!

July Team Players of the Month

Congratulations to Jessica Brabec and Tiffany Gormley on being named July’s Team Players of the Month!

“I share an office with Jessica, so I can see just how much she does go above and beyond her regular job duties every day. Jessica started as a part-time CABHI/Community Support Care Manager. CABHI slowed down, so she was given a few options of where she’d like to transfer to. Jessica chose the Supportive Living Care Manager job, and meanwhile, took on clients from Care Managers who had left, had her own current clients, as well as her new Supportive Living clients. Jessica came to work every day with a smile on her face and an amazing attitude. She continues to juggle a couple of caseloads as she’s transferring some individuals to other Care Managers. Jessica is usually one of the first people that replies to emails when people need a last minute substitute screener. I look up to Jessica for many reasons, but one that sticks out is her patience with clients who continuously give her a tough time. I truly believe that Jessica deserves this award.

“Since taking over the position of Director within the STR program, Tiffany has shown a commitment to the needs of both the individuals in service, and to her staff members as well. Leading by example in terms of her interactions with individuals, as well as stepping up to cover shifts, groups, individual sessions, anything that needs coverage or assistance, she has been there with a positive attitude to ensure the fidelity of programming remains unsurpassed. She has also been a leader for the Campus as a whole through her tireless representation of our needs and concerns within Leadership meetings as well as Program Director meetings. Tiffany sets a tone of professionalism and caring that echoes through the Campus, and throughout the entire organization.”

CenterPointe is proud to recognize our June Team Players of the Month. Congratulations Julie and Claire!

Julie has been helping nursing across all of the programs during the extreme shortage of nursing staff. Her attitude throughout this has been amazing, and she is eager to help out as much as possible. In her normal duties at her own program, she works tirelessly to meet the needs of our individuals in service and monitor the medication aides within the program. It is truly a pleasure to work with this individual and she is very deserving of the recognition of Team Player. Congratulations, Julie Funk, on being this named Team Player of the Month!

Multiple staff have nominated Claire for Team Player. She consistently goes above and beyond to help not only the individuals in service, but also the staff members, to set and reach for goals within the program. Further, she does a great job in terms of the supports that she conducts on a regular basis and is seen by all as being a solution-oriented individual. This employee is great at helping individuals in service to de-escalate when they are struggling and has no issue with stepping up when asked to assist because of the great rapport she has built with the person. She works well with any team that she is placed within, often noted to be a leader for her co-workers who support her due in large part to her positive attitude, reliability and consistency. Congratulations to Claire Wilson on being named Team Player of the Month!