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"I was on a dead end road. Staying on the streets and living only to drink. I am thankful I was able to have a hand up, not a hand out." - CenterPointe participant

CenterPointe is proud to recognize our June Team Players of the Month. Congratulations Julie and Claire!

Julie has been helping nursing across all of the programs during the extreme shortage of nursing staff. Her attitude throughout this has been amazing, and she is eager to help out as much as possible. In her normal duties at her own program, she works tirelessly to meet the needs of our individuals in service and monitor the medication aides within the program. It is truly a pleasure to work with this individual and she is very deserving of the recognition of Team Player. Congratulations, Julie Funk, on being this named Team Player of the Month!

Multiple staff have nominated Claire for Team Player. She consistently goes above and beyond to help not only the individuals in service, but also the staff members, to set and reach for goals within the program. Further, she does a great job in terms of the supports that she conducts on a regular basis and is seen by all as being a solution-oriented individual. This employee is great at helping individuals in service to de-escalate when they are struggling and has no issue with stepping up when asked to assist because of the great rapport she has built with the person. She works well with any team that she is placed within, often noted to be a leader for her co-workers who support her due in large part to her positive attitude, reliability and consistency. Congratulations to Claire Wilson on being named Team Player of the Month!

CenterPointe is proud to recognize our May Team Players of the Month. Congratulations José and Sam!

José Catalan is a “one-man army” in terms of tackling the many issues which need to be addressed within the facility, going above and beyond daily to make sure the facility is taken care of so that individuals in service can be safe and comfortable so that they can then focus themselves on treatment. He always has a positive attitude, is willing to assist whenever asked and exemplifies the spirit of a team player. I would also note that this has been one of the worsts winters in Omaha for some time, and he has gone to great lengths to keep the walks and parking lot as safe as possible for everyone. For these reasons and many more, we’re happy to name José Catalan as Team Player of the Month.

Sam Hasan is one of the most level-headed, kind, understanding, and fair managers I have had in my lifetime. He is extremely hard-working, never complaining, and always operates in a calm demeanor. This employee not only works on finding the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to manage the clinic, he also finds himself managing some of the crises that our clients come here with. He is also very patient and sensitive with staff’s personal needs and things that we have going on. He does it with grace, kindness and with non-judgmental understanding. His approach of asking or teaching what is expected of you in my experience has never left me feeling like, “this guy is a jerk” – it has always left me so impressed with his communication and people skills. He is an amazing leader and CenterPointe is very fortunate to have him here. Congratulations, Sam Hasan, on being named Team Player of the Month!