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In 1973, a group of caring people recognized there were no services in Lincoln, Nebraska specifically addressing the needs of low-income and homeless people with drug addiction.

There were numerous 12-step alcohol treatment programs, but our founders wanted to provide treatment from a broader psycho-social model.

This model recognizes that psychological health is impacted by our beliefs and relationships and by social forces like poverty and homelessness.

So, CenterPointe began as Lincoln Lancaster Drug Projects to provide treatment to help men and women with limited resources recover from drug addiction. During that time the organization was also known as Full Circle.

Almost immediately we saw that people addicted to drugs often used alcohol too. Our services quickly evolved to include both alcohol and drug recovery treatment.

It soon became clear that a great number of people struggling with addiction issues also struggled with untreated mental health disorders.

That’s why in the early 1980s we began to use a bio-psycho-social model to address mental illness and addiction at the same time and on equal terms. In 1989, we became one of the nation’s first treatment programs to officially provide concurrent, co-occurring treatment.

In the 1990s we added housing services because we recognize that housing stability is foundational to recovery. In 2017, we expanded our services into Omaha and its surrounding counties.

We bring integrity and ethics to everything we do. In 2017, we were recognized by the Lincoln Better Business Bureau as an Integrity Award winner.