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Who We Are

Strategic Plan

In 2017, CenterPointe's Board of Directors adopted a new 3-year strategic plan.

The organization's mission, vision and values were updated and guiding business practices were reaffirmed.

CenterPointe has provided pivotal services for people in need since 1973. Substance
use treatment was the core offering for its first 15 years. Then mental health care and
housing were added to the array with a constant focus on physical health integration.

The organization continues to evolve—recognizing service needs across socioeconomic distinctions. Entire communities need a service response consistent with the CenterPointe philosophy.

While remaining dedicated to providing services to people without financial resources, CenterPointe expands its mission and vision to a whole-health philosophy that addresses
the needs of people across the communities we serve.

Strategic Goals

A) Expand Services to Meet Needs Focused on Mission

B) Improve financial situation to ensure stability

C) Develop Physical Infrastructure

D) Recruit, enrich and retain workforce

E) Embrace a culture of Continuous Quality Improvement based on data