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"I have more courage today..."

Your support of people in recovery makes a huge difference! Support from you ensures that integrated care is available for people like “A” who have very limited resources.

“I was living at the Regional Center on a mental health commitment following two suicide attempts the previous year. Although I was advocating for my best interest, my mental health know-how was very limited.
I had lived with depression and other symptoms of poor mental health since childhood and had unreasonable expectations of what a good life meant and the work it took to get there. I was very ashamed and desperate for a better life. For my reentry back into the community, I was referred to CenterPointe.

At CenterPointe I received a housing voucher, medication management, an individual counselor, caseworkers, and attended the day rehabilitation program. I should have been very successful the first time around. It took time and CenterPointe stuck with me.

It wasn’t until I began working with a CenterPointe Peer Support Specialist that I could break down my unrealistic expectations and appreciate my reality. From there, I made better use of my resources and worked towards independence by taking small steps.

Now, I have a stronger support network, a fulfilling job helping others who live with mental health challenges, and more courage today thanks to the support of a full staff of professionals and peers who helped me look after myself. I am so grateful.” – “A” CenterPointe Graduate, Certified Peer Support Specialist

Because you care enough to invest in pivotal treatment and our continuum of care, people like “A” can get better, sooner, for longer. Every day you are meeting people where they are and helping them gain control of their lives. Their success is your return on investment.

From “A” and hundreds more, thank you for your belief in and support of recovery.

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    BBB Accreditation
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