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News & Events

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December Team Player's of the Month

October Team Players of the Month

Ashley has grown in her career at CenterPointe from Behavioral Health Technician, to Case Manager, to Therapist, and now Program Director. I have no doubts in my mind that Ashley was born to be a leader, and to especially lead the Adult Residential program. In just 5 short months, Ashley has used her contagious enthusiasm and gusto as well as her clinical expertise to enhance the overall functioning of the Adult Residential facility, staff, and clients. She has been the glue that keeps this program together and the Program Director that we have always wanted. She always comes to work with a smile on her face no matter what, is wholeheartedly supportive of the entire staff, and passionate about the well-being of the clients and this field. There is nobody more deserving of this award! Congratulations, Ashley, on being named Team Player of the Month!  

Jillian is a team player who goes above and beyond every single time she works, to help our staff and individuals in service. She is a leader who does not ask for recognition. She is willing to go the extra mile to help staff and individuals in service. She is an upbeat and enthusiastic individual, and a hard worker. She is going to college and maintains a part-time job. In addition to her usual duties as a BHT, she also acts as an activities coordinator by always coordinating a fun sports-like activities for the individuals in service. The staff and individuals in service appreciate her because of her positive attitude and because she’s approachable. Congratulations, Jillian, on being named Team Player of the Month!