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One Easy Way to Simplify Your Life

Living a simpler life can create a less stressful environment - something that is good for your mental health.

Many people resolve to simplify their lives in the new year, to accumulate less stuff and pare down on knick-knacks and ugly ties.

CenterPointe has a solution!

Just ask your friends and loved ones to make a gift to CenterPointe in your name for 2011 special occasions.

Ta-Dah! Less stuff! Less stress and better mental health!

As a bonus, both the giver and the receiver get to experience the warm and fuzzy feelings of recovering lives and restoring hope.

But CenterPointe doesn't have the corner on this market, folks. Many charities accept gifts in honor.

So, the next time someone asks what you want for your (fill in the blank occassion) give them a list of your favorite charities!

Of course, CenterPointe would really love to be on YOUR list but seriously, any charity will do. So, here's to less stuff and more good works!

Abbigail Swatsworth
CenterPointe Director of Development

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