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Thanks to you, "I love my new home!"

An individual was referred to CenterPointe because s/he had never been able to reside independently for more than three months at a time.

S/he routinely experienced traumatic hospitalizations due to the severity of his/her mental health symptoms.

S/he also had a history of putting her/himself in vulnerable situations where others would take advantage of him/her both emotionally and financially.

S/he reported these situations often resulted in "blowing up."

You helped her/him to move into his/her own subsidized apartment and work one-on-one with a CenterPointe Case Manager.

With this support s/he is learning to cook meals, budget money and manage symptoms.

S/he is also expanding leisure activities — something s/he identified as a primary cause of previous struggles.

In a little less than one year, s/he and the staff both report that s/he is successful. Thank you for helping make this possible!

S/he has not experienced an incident s/he couldn't manage and hasn't blown up with old patterns of behavior.

S/he experienced only one instance of hospitalization compared with multiple visits in the year previous.

Now, s/he has pride in him/herself and is very proud of the independent living skills s/he's gained.

S/he is friendly and pleasant to work with and often shares how much s/he loves her new home. S/he says repeatedly, "Thank you for helping me so much."

These thanks go to you. Without you s/he could never have made such strides.

Your support really does make a difference in the fight against homelessness, mental illness and addiction!

Please donate so that others can experience this kind of success.

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