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Retiring from the Board

It has been an honor to have served on this board for 12 years. This is my last meeting and I do not want to leave without making some comments. I've seen a lot of great board members come and go in those 12 years.

It was in the Y2K year when Topher and I had lunch at Lazlo's to recruit me to the board. The year 2000 was a very action packed year for me.

Jan - retired from the Air Force Reserve
May - bought a house
June - retired from Lincoln Public Schools
June - went to the Rotary International Convention in Argentina
July 7th - inducted as president of Lincoln South Rotary
July 8th - got married and honeymooned in Maui
Aug - attended my first CenterPointe board meeting
Dec - I turned 50

It took me many months to learn about CenterPointe. You might want to know what has led me to stay a board member for my full four terms.

CenterPointe saves lives! I feel a part of that accomplishment.

CenterPointe can tell you how many clients have died while in active treatment. What we can't count are how many clients did CenterPointe services help to prevent suicide. How many clients were prevented from overdosing on drugs. How many clients that did not die from the elements because they had a roof over their head with our Housing programs.

How many clients now have relationships with family and others when bridges were burned in the past. We just can not count these events.

Over the past 12 years I've seen CenterPointe's budget perhaps quadruple. I've seen programs come and go. I've seen the stewardship of this board and of our Executive Director. As a human service provider myself, I've been impressed with the diligence that takes place before decisions are made. CenterPointe really practices "Ready, Aim, Fire".

In any endeavor, yours and mine, we respond consciously or unconsciously to the concept of "What's in it for me".

Personally, I've grown in the past 12 years due in part to my experiences on this board. I've seen quality improvement processes in action. I've seen budget planning on a bigger scale than my own agency. I've seen policies and procedures developed and revised. I've observed and learned. I've given of my time to get something back.

I also believe I've contributed to CenterPointe, not only with my time, but I've provided my insights and expertise, much like all of you. CenterPointe used my expertise as a behavioral scientist, psychologist, trainer and facilitator to great advantage on the Quality Improvement Committee. I've enjoyed every minute of it with no regrets.

It's time for me to leave the board. I know you will proceed in keeping to the vision and mission of this organization. May I say that I would expect Topher to help in staying the course.

CenterPointe saves lives. Lincoln and Nebraska are better because of CenterPointe.

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