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Workplace giving - Kelly's story

"I wanted to take a moment to share with you my reasons for giving to CenterPointe.

My late sister, Jeanne, was so dedicated to CenterPointe and its mission! She strongly believed that quality, individualized treatment should be accessible to everyone. Helping others to realize a healthy, viable future was Jeanne’s life’s work and her career with CenterPointe spanned over 20 years.

I, myself, have been an agency volunteer and have seen first hand the difference that can be made through the diverse services offered.

It is heartbreaking when agencies such as CenterPointe have to cut vital programs or turn clients away because of lack of funding. Sadly, the need doesn’t diminish when dollars are decreased. I feel that CenterPointe has set the area gold standard for community-based, comprehensive programs and progressive treatment.

I give because I believe every one of its programs is integral to the recovery and continued growth of its consumers, and because everyone who wants to obtain treatment should be able to do so, regardless of personal circumstances.

I have the opportunity to give annually through my employer and am honored to do so. The process is simple, and I am able to designate those funds specifically for CenterPointe.

My contribution comes out of each paycheck. I don’t even miss it, but I know CenterPointe would miss it if it wasn’t there.

I never cease to be amazed at how far my money goes: a dollar amount equal to dinner in a neighborhood restaurant can provide a whole week’s worth of meals or two hours worth of life skills education for a program resident!

I don’t view my donation as a sacrifice, but rather, an investment in my community. I’ve seen the difference that CenterPointe makes, and, through workplace giving, I’m able to make a difference, too."

Kelly Robare

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