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Mental Illness Awareness Week - Oct 8

CenterPointe is a proud sponsor of activities for Mental Illness Awareness Week

Join us for a free presentation from Dr. Shawn Christopher Shea.

Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014
Bryan Health - East Campus Conference Center
The Mysteries of the Human Matrix: Finding a "Tough Happiness" in Difficult Times
6:30 - 8pm

Shawn Christopher Shea, MD is an acclaimed speaker in the fields of suicide prevention and creating resiliency. Listen to Dr. Shea as he journeys into the heart of three questions: What is the nature of happiness? How do we make it last? What is the nature of human nature that allows us to find it in the first place?

He deftly, and with a wicked sense of humor, provides a dynamic map for self-exploration and problem-solving, and shows you how to use it to transform difficult times.

There will be a health fair of local providers at 6pm and after the presentation.

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