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Lighthouse Sculpture Program

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Lighthouse created the public art project ILLUMINATING LINCOLN:LIGHTHOUSE. Nebraska Artists from around the state submitted their proposals to decorate these light bulb sculptures, and 68 were chosen to realize their vision. CenterPointe's very own Artists on the Edge were selected as one of the 68 winning proposals.

The Patrons of the Artists are pictured on the left and the Artists on the right.

The Patrons from left to right are: Sarah Peetz – Lincoln Community Foundation; Janet Eskridge; Dean Settle – Metro Gallery.

The Artists pictured from left to right are: Janna Harsch, Art Facilitator; Retha Knapp, AOE/WW Coordinator; Jeri Brainard, Art Facilitator; Kris Haskins, Art Facilitator. These four people completed the project with the artwork and poem of the artists and writers of the Artists on the Edge and Writer’s Wordshop program.

The light bulb will be on display at CenterPointe's 2633 P St location until September 2015. At that time, the light bulbs around Lincoln will be moved to Haymarket Park to be auctioned off on October 9th. The highest bidder for each light bulb will receive the sculpture to display at a location of their choice. One third of the bid amount will go to the Artists and the rest will go to supporting Lighthouse.

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