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Launching Campus for Hope

CenterPointe proudly assumes treatment services at Campus for Hope
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Opioid addiction is a growing problem in the Midwest. Resources for treatment are scarce. CenterPointe and Douglas County are stepping up to meet the need for treatment and detoxification services in Omaha by continuing services at Campus for Hope.

Beginning February 1st, CenterPointe, a long-standing Lincoln non-profit, assumed two pivotal treatment programs serving Omaha and Region 6 - Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, and Washington counties.

“CenterPointe was one of the first treatment programs in the country to provide integrated mental health and substance use treatment. This philosophy means that both issues are treated at the same time, within the same treatment program. Now we are expanding our essential treatment philosophy to the Omaha area,” states Topher Hansen, CenterPointe President & CEO.

Since the launch of CenterPointe services at Campus for Hope, both the Short-term and longer-term Co-Occurring treatment programs are going strong to meet the needs of homeless and low-income people living with addiction and mental health issues.

Douglas County is continuing vital detoxification services in the same facility. “We have provided a seamless transition for both the Civil Protective Custody and Social Detoxification programs we took over,” said Sherry Glasnapp, director of the Douglas County Community Mental Health Center. “Our community could not go without such services making it logical for Douglas County to step up and assure they continued.”

More than 24,000 people in the Omaha metro area struggle with co-occurring mental health and substance use issues. Untreated mental illness and addiction destroy families and derail human potential. High-quality treatment services for homeless and low-income community members are essential to helping people turn their lives around and also for the health of a community.

Mental illness and addiction claim a disproportionate amount of community resources due to the high costs of crisis healthcare and criminal behaviors. Studies show that for every $1.00 a community invests in treatment, the community saves more than $7.00 in costs related to the justice system, detox and emergency room services.

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