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December Team Players of the Month

Ivette and Melissa have been nominated by their peers as December’s Team Players of the Month!

Ivette is a problem solver and has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure all programs in Omaha run efficiently. She is willing to step in and help make beds, process an intake, ensure the building is looking nice and is a helping hand for any employee. She continues to find new ways to make services the best they can be for our individuals in service. She doesn’t shy away from challenges and is always willing to jump in. She continues to push the leadership team to strive for more than the status quo. Congratulations, Ivette, on being named Team Player of the Month! 

Melissa has the qualities you are looking for in a leader, including empathy, flexibility, strong ethical standards, excellent communication skills with clients and coworkers, motivated and able to help others become motivated, trustworthiness, and willingness to seek resources to improve things for her clients, the agency and for herself. She demonstrates tremendous flexibility and always steps up when asked and is always willing to volunteer her time and efforts in helping clients and the agency, and willingly takes on clients from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds with confidence. She has recently taken on a volunteer project through Lincoln High where she is able to teach youth DBT skills in a means of prevention instead of an intervention.  She does all this with a cooperative attitude and great empathy and understanding. Congratulations, Melissa, on being named Team Player of the Month! 

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