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What We Do


Meeting people where they are and supporting them to gain control of their lives is what CenterPointe aims to do.

We offer a broad array of rehabilitation programs to improve quality of life, develop long-term recovery and independent living skills, and connect people with resources to meet basic needs.

All rehabilitation programs serve low-income individuals.

  • Structured day services for adults living with severe, persistent mental illness (SPMI) or who experience SPMI and co-occurring substance use issues.

  • Residential rehabilitation services for adults.

  • Intensive home-based treatment and rehabilitation services for adults experiencing severe, persistent mental illness or co-occurring disorders.

  • Individual support and advocacy to set and reach goals of recovery.

  • Crisis/Relapse prevention for those who have significantly progressed in recovery.

  • Individual support for people 55 and older who are living with mental health, substance use or co-occurring disorders.

  • Technical Assistance for SSI/SSDI applications

  • Creative expression for visual artists and writers in the recovery community.